James Abro began writing professionally with the New York Newspaper Guild during the late 1970s. A spirited time when fierce clashes between unions and corporate syndicates changed the newspaper publishing businesses forever.

When the dust settled, Mr. Abro felt as though he could no longer report on the kinds of social, political and economic topics and events he wanted. So he wrote a quartet of novels about life in America from the end of the 60s (Baby!) to the turn of the century (New Millennium Jitters).

In 2000, Mr. Abro founded 32 Beach Productions, a virtual multi-arts venue featuring the writing of Mr. Abro and the music of Skip Spady. Before he started 32 Beach Productions, Abro was a professional writer and editor with The Harlem Writers Crew, and the Infinity Foundation. He also teaches creative writing to ‘youths at risk’ in juvenile detentions centers. 

In 2011, a 30-year relationship with Yogi Amrit Desai, the Founder of Kripalu Yoga, culminated in Abro’s writing An American Yoga: The Kripalu Story.

At the same time that Mr. Abro was writing and publishing The Kripalu Story, he lost his residence and became destitute. A situation and experience that could only be described by a ‘talented and fearless writer ‘* in memoir: Facing Homelessness.

He has written a total of six novels and two books, all of which are available from Amazon. Excerpts from each are available on 32 Beach Productions.

Abro now resides in on the Jersey shore where he continues to write and work as an advocate on social and economic issues pertaining to the themes in his books. For more information about that, you can visit his Facebook group, Advocate for Economic Fairness! Abro also invites you to share a ‘game- changing’ experience from your life on his Facebook page, An Invitation to Odyssey.

* Trish Goodall: Director, THE HOPE CENTER

Abro: hard at work.